After the Deadline API for jQuery (1.3, 1.4.1) - README

After the Deadline is an open source software service that checks spelling, style, and grammar. This package contains an AtD API and examples for using After the Deadline in your web application.


Quick Start

The API above gives you full control over what AtD does. If you'd like to get going quicker and you have a basic form, then the jQuery style API is what you want. To attach AtD to a textarea:

$(textarea).addProofreader({ edit_text_content: 'Edit Text', proofread_content: 'Proofread' );

This call will also hook the parent form's submit event to restore the textarea for you.

You can customize the HTML used for the proofread and edit text links. If you want to communicate using a proxy, set AtD.rpc and AtD.api_key to the appropriate values and the proofreader will use that communication method instead.


You may customize the suggestions menu and the error styles in css/atd.css.


The best way to learn to use the AtD API is to look at the examples and adapt them to your needs. The two examples included are:


To localize the strings in this extension, create an object with the localized strings. Here is an example:

var my_plugin_strings = {
   menu_title_spelling: "Spelling",
   menu_title_repeated_word: "Repeated  Word",
   menu_title_no_suggestions: "No suggestions",
   menu_option_explain: "Explain...",
   menu_option_ignore_once: "Ignore suggestion",
   menu_option_ignore_all: "Ignore all",
   menu_option_ignore_always: "Ignore always",
   menu_option_edit_selection: "Edit Selection...",
   message_no_errors_found: "No writing errors were found.",
   message_server_error_short: "There was a problem communicating with the After the Deadline service.",
   dialog_replace_selection: "Replace selection with:"

Then make AtD use these strings:


These string labels are compatible with the AtD/TinyMCE extension.

Commercial Access to AtD Service

We have an AtD service instance open to the outside world. This API is configured to use it by default. We will continue to operate it so long as the load on it is not too great. The After the Deadline Server is open source under the GPLv2 license. Consider running your own server if you have a commercial need.

AtD and Encoding

As a final note, make sure your webpage is encoded in UTF-8 format. AJAX requests use the encoding of the parent website and AtD expects UTF-8. This is important as AtD has better support for accented characters and languages beyond English.

What's New?

See the Change Log.


Unless otherwise noted, the resources here are dual licensed under LGPL and MIT license.

The files scripts/csshttprequest.js and server/cssencode.php are © 2008-2009 and are licensed under the BSD license.


Raphael Mudge

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